The story of the Shya Civilization and the events in their time
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 Shya Tale - Canon Story

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PostSubject: Shya Tale - Canon Story   Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:37 pm

The city had woken up from the rainfall last night like nothing was the matter. From the citadel, the Shya trainee's looked down at the massive silver city they were tasked with protecting one day. They were still long ways from getting there, but they could already feel the responsibility weighing on their shoulders. One of the veteran Shya Guardians passed them by with no awareness of their presence. They recognized her as Ghostblade, one of the elites. On her back, the famed katana was strapped in its sheath, covered partially by the womans long brown hair. She had a book in her hands, reading through the pages, looking for something. The trainee's could easily tell it was not one of the library they had access to, but one of the darker halls where only the experienced Shya Guardians were allowed to enter. Full with admiration, the little group stared at Ghostblade until the turned around and vanished into another hallway. Moments later, one of the trainee's realized they still had to get to class, and the group quickly got into motion to still make it there in time.

Outside the Citadel, which was for the Shya Guardians only, life returned to its activity. Markets came back to life, money was being spent again and the city guard started their patrols. And of course, as you would see lately a lot, a handful of protestors would get sent back to their homes, their signs full of text like "Free our people" or "They're not the enemy". The protests were based on the Chimera situation. Far from the safety of the city, there was an ancient fortress, or at least, ruins of it. 30 years ago, people started disappearing, and mostly Shya trainee's. After 20 years, they discovered the people that had vanished were at this very ruined keep, but not as themselves. They'd physically changed, taking up parts of animals, such as ears, tails, or even entire body parts. The Shyan Council then decided that they had to be destroyed, seeing them as impure halfbreeds that threatened their society. The war that followed lasted 10 years and had ruined many lives. The grand army of the Shya surprisingly was at a disadvantage in the forest where the so-called Chimera were hiding, despite outnumbering them 3000 to 400. Ever since the open war had calmed down, all that mostly happened was skirmishes or border patrols of either side getting caught.

Novice left her master's side for a bit and walked to the window, looking down. She knew that she was trained to follow the Council's orders, but somewhere deep inside, she felt that the Council wasn't properly capable of judging the situation, or allowed to even make such calls in the first place. Those Chimera never acted aggresively towards them or planned on it. They were people, their people at that, who had met unfortunate fates. If anything, they should be looking at how to help them out, instead of how to destroy them. Then again, she was pretty young, only a Novice, so maybe she didn't see the whole picture. From where she stood, she could see the gleaming towers of silver spread over the city. Their architecture surely was something to behold. She was proud to be part of a community that was able to build things up in such a manner that it looked impressive from whatever angle you looked. Her parents were in archticecture design and her grandfather had assisted in the design of the new Citadel. She looked over the walls and into the vast forest, and as she locked her eyes on the general area controlled by the Chimera, she felt a shiver go down her spine.


Ana fell on her knees as she felt the shiver down her spine. It was much stronger than she'd ever felt, usually it being just a tickle, now it was almost as if someone dug ice into her back. Her long pink hair fell over her shoulders forward into the mud as her fingers dug into the ground, before she pressed her forehead in the mud, too, her horns denting the ground as they touched it. Others rushed to her, dropping their repair efforts to help her. Serena swung her arm around Ana's waist and dragged her back onto her feet, holding her close to avoid her falling over again. Everyone came over to make sure Ana was doing ok, but after the woman managed to utter some words, it became clear she had to be brought to the elders. Serena almost carried Ana the entire way to the tents inside the ruins. There, she went inside the Matriarch's tent, and dropped Ana on one of the beds, carefully. Her own sleek dark fur had been stained with mud now, and her tail had dragged on behind them, now soaked from the mud and water. She left the tent, and let her mother, the Fox Matriarch, care for Ana.

Several minutes after Ana had collapsed and been brought to the Fox Matriarch, the elders of their community, or tribe, gathered up. Ana had always been well connected to magic and the sorts, and this was a signal that something stirred again. They just weren't sure whether it was the Shya trying something new, or if it was something new entirely. Patrols were sent out, 2 people teams, to simply scout ahead in the vicinity to see if there were any enemy patrols or encampments still active. It would take about a day to look through the area they occupied, but it was rather safe than sorry for them. Ana was taken care of by their medical experts, which surprisingly were the mermaids. One of the reasons why the tents were all built directly to the river that now flowed through the ruins. The Chimera went back to their daily duties, but the scare had not been forgotten. People were on the tips of their toes now, and always looking over their shoulders.

Serena went to the river, the part where the mermaids usually wouldn't come, as agreed upon by them all. After all, the other Chimera needed space to use water as well, and to wash. Stripping herself from what little clothing she had anyway, she slid her foot into the semi-warm water, then slipped half a leg in, and eventually quietly went into the water entirely. The water felt refreshing on her bare skin, as the forest air was quite unforgiving, and mosquito's were a recurring issue for all of them. A couple seconds long she kept her head underwater, making sure to get the water through all her fur and hair, including her ears, before popping up for air again. Mud was a nightmare for her, and she couldn't wait until they'd repaired the city sufficiently for them to actually live in. Serena laid down with her back against the riverside and looked upwards at the clear morning sky. Whatever hit Ana, must've been strong. She closed her eyes, and thought back about her life in the city, then after a couple minutes, fell asleep.

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Shya Tale - Canon Story
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