The story of the Shya Civilization and the events in their time
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 Shya's History

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PostSubject: Shya's History   Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:46 pm

Shya. The word translated from an old Runic language into "Light", now used to describe a society in the far east, beyond the Great Barrier Mountains, at the coasts of the Silent Sea. The people of Shya, a vast society that has built up a massive city, is a beacon of civilization in the swampy and forested areas of Carryc, the stretch of land along the coastline. The Shya are a proud people that take pride in their purity. A couple villages around them pay annual protection charges, to help fund the city's special defense forces. People that possess powers, or have special abilities, allowing them to be that much more effective than regular forces. But with such power, comes just as much responsibility. Indoctrined with the idea that they are the special guardians of the Shyan people, they are mostly separated from the common city life and isolated to protect them from the thoughts of the common people. This off course doesn't prevent a single person to breach the isolation and find their way to the housings of these Shya Guardians.

But, a "perfect" society such as this, also knows its dark past. 31 years ago, people started to disappear, most notably to-be Guardians. Each time, witnesses claim they left under a trance, into the forest at the dark of night, never to be seen or heard of again. Many expeditions into the forest had come up empty, even those done by the Guardians. Until 20 years after the disappearances started, one of the Guardians went deep into the forest, beyond the safe borders of their search area. He stumbled upon a vibrant civilization of not humans, but beasts. Hybrids between man and animal. He memorized what he could and returned to report his findings. Upon hearing this news, the Shya Council decided that such abominations ravaged their purity, and the decision was unanimous. These "Chimera" had to be eradicated. With the full capacity of the Shya Guard, as well as the forces of the city, a massive assault was waged at the Chimera settlement, that was located in the ruins of an ancient castle. But the Chimera turned out to be more dangerous than anticipated, and a lot more vicious. They repelled the attack, and their leaders declared open war against the Shya community for abandoning their own, bringing death and destruction to their doorstep and discrimination.

For 11 years after, a heavy civil war rages, up to today. The past 2 years have been the most docile of the war, mostly skirmishes at the forest borders, but no open battles. The Chimera formed a community over the past 11 years, and became self sufficient, both in resources, as well as people. Many families had already formed, but all would fight when attacked, and ferociously. The Shya couldn't overrun them, and the Chimera couldn't leave the safety of the forests and swamps protecting them. They were at an impasse, and only time would tell how this would end.


So, to get everything straight. There's 2 sides for now. Shya and Chimera. The Chimera live in an encampment in the ruins of an ancient city, deep in the forest. There, they freely move around in their own zone. The other side is the silver city of Shya-Qo, run by a council. They have a special guard, called the Shya, or referred to as Shya Guardians. The guardians train their lives long to become powerful warriors and sorcerers. Many of the Chimera are untrained Shya Guardians, or who vanished during their training period. They learned to use their powers and their magic the hard way.

Rules for characters, is to make sure the art for the character matches that of Granblue Fantasy, which is the type of people used for this RP. Also, magic isn't used to unlimited ranges. Energy, spirit energy for extremely strong characters, and elemental magic are available for use. So no poof tricks, or the sorts. Try to stay at least a bit close to the setting.

I'll post a new part of the actual story, which will be canon. The main story won't be affected by you, but your RP can be affected by the mian story, actually most likely will.

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Shya's History
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