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 Character Skill System

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PostSubject: Character Skill System   Sat Nov 23, 2013 4:54 pm

The basic idea behind this new system, is giving points out to skills of a person. This is supposed to make things more even, and better balanced. With it, also the battle system will have to be edited. In this post, it will be explained how the new systems will work. I've given this thought, and I've done my best to come up with a fiar system. If there are any idea, or any things you find should be added/removed, please say so, in a PM directed to me.

Ok, so lets start. We all know what we have to use, when making a new character. The common Character Sheet. Now, all characters made with this, are given skills and abilities, which have to be explained over Skype or posts later on, anyway. Such as how good a person is in combat, how far his/her Ability reaches, what it affects, and all of that. To narrow it down, I've come up with something, you might recognize from the Sims. A skill list. This consists of both personality and combat skills. In the first part, you get 4 subjects that affect your Character's Skills. These are it's Physical condition, it's Intelligence, it's Stamina, and it's ability. You have the full 100% to split up among those 4 parts. For a non-Ability character, the Ability is to be replaced with the skill with a Weapon.

An example of a character:
Character Name: C.C.
Physical: 10%
Intelligence: 25%
Stamina [Mana]: 35%
Ability: 30%

This character has poor physical capabilities, so when in physical combat, it won't be much of a match against a character with say 20% or 30% on Physical. The stronger aspects of this character are its Stamina [35%] and its Ability [30%]. This means this Character's stronger points are the part where it uses its ability, and can maintain this.

The second part of this list is about the character's personality. This will include how he/she acts, what type of person it is, and which part his/her allegiance lies with. every point in that list will have it's own 100%, which you can fill in, to clarify how much a person goes towards which part. For example:
Quiet / Assertive 40%/100%
That indicates, the character in question leans more towards being a quiet person then to be assertive. So this character would be less likely to start conversations, or act on own initiative, then a character with say 70%/100% in that same area.

List of Skills:

Now that you know what the new addition is gonna be, you are most likely wondering how this will affect the Role Play itself. It's simple. The stats are going to be reset. From this point on we will work with a new system. It will be easier then you might have thought. There will be dices made from 10 to 70, with an interval of 5, each time. This means there will be dices of 10, 15, 20, 25, etc, etc, up to 70.

With a character's attack, you have to chose the dice that matches with the percentage your character's skill has. This means, if your character has 25% on Physical, and the character performs a physical attack, this means you have to use the Dice 25. The defending character will have the ability to defend with it's own Dice Roll, but it has to be of the same category. What is meant with this, is that when a character performs a physical attack, the other character has to perform a physical defense. The same applies for Ability attacks/defends. When someone with an ability fights against someone without, it will be the same roll, just when the Ability user uses their ability, the non ability person will roll for their weapon.

Characters HP will also be upgraded to 100 points, and the Mana will be upgraded to 200 points. What you roll with a Dice, is to be taken off from your mana, when attacking. What you lose on HP, will be the difference of the attack [if higher] and the defense. When a character ends up in the "danger" zone, being 20 HP or less, a character is no longer fit to fight. Going on, from that point, is agreeing to the fact your character is able to be killed. In the rare case that a character takes 20 or more damage from a hit, that would drop their HP to 0, that character will stay on 1 HP, unless the owner of that character agrees to having the character die.

I hope this all was easy to be understood, and that it was fair enough to be used by you all. Remember, do keep to these rules. And if you don't agree, please tell me now. Hope to see you all in the Role Play!


PS: All existing characters are to be edited according to this system. It will have to be added to their profile. PM me the lists and which belongs to what character. Thank you in advance.

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Character Skill System
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